I have always seen motherhood as a negative thing
Stretch marks
Sleepless nights
It is the conceding of a career
The giving up on spontaneous trips and faraway travel
Surrendering all of your dreams.

It means pain

But never have I considered the beauty that it is to be a mother...

It means perfect love
It means power
It means discipline and confidence and hard work
It means a nurturing spirit
A natural ability to help things grow
It means leadership
And negotiation
— with two year olds
It is personal development and power

And whether or not you have biological children
You can embody the spirit of womanhood
Own motherhood
Honor your inner goddess.
Because what it means to be feminine
Is to be both soft and strong
Both nurturing and commanding
Both disciplined and spontaneous
To be tender, and inspiring, and sweet.

You are a mother.