My Love —

Your light is shining brighter with every passing day. It is a wonder to watch you grow and give and love. I wish you could know the strength of the impact you have in people’s lives. I hope you see a fraction of the beauty others see in you because that would be enough to fill your heart with joy and confidence.

You are becoming stronger. Your compelling curiosity is guiding you towards a magical future.

Your passion for life is contagious and your positivity is radiant. I want to give you more of the things that bring you pleasure and help you eliminate the things that bring you down. Isn’t it powerful to realize you have a choice — every day and in everything? To make your life look exactly like you want it to? I think the more that you consider the truth of that — and ask — how might I make this reality my reality — the more you will grow.

There is pain in the process. There will be discomfort. There will be dis-ease and disappointment, but I will be here to comfort you. I will hold you when you hurt and together we will turn your tears of sadness into laughter.

How lucky are we that we get to take this journey together?! What a wild and wondrous ride and there’s no one I’d rather walk through life next to.

You are perfect — in your own way — no one else’s. This does not mean you won’t make mistakes, just that your errors will never determine your worth

I see you. I get you. I will support you when you need me and let you fly free when you need to explore, with the calm reassurance that I will never abandon you. I will be here to warmly welcome you home with a warm embrace when you return.

You amaze me. I love you deeply, completely.

Forever yours,