I’ve been thinking a lot recently about the importance of the entire process. Beginnings are exciting and the ends triumphant, but in the middle it can be a little confusing and easy to get lost. In the midst of tedious tasks and stressful days with no immediate signs of progress it can feel like your work is futile and want to give up. Day after day, the rejection, unexpected issues, uncertainty, burnout, frustration, chaos, and even sometimes boredom can cause you to want to throw in the towel and quit.

Our life is like a sea of stars on a clear summer night; infinite specs of seemingly insignificant situations and settings. It isn’t until we sit still and stare closely at the spots that we start to see the faint lines connecting constellations. Your mind begins to form patterns and shapes that show significance as you slowly start to realize that they are all interconnected — all strung together to create one vibrant, detailed story.

There are many regular moments when ask myself, ‘why the hell am I going through this?’ or ‘what the hell am I doing?’ only to realize the answer to those questions several years down the road. As the least patient person on the planet, this is really, really hard for me but I’m learning to trust that all the bullshit that seems to be for nothing is actually for something… I just can’t see it yet.

Building anything beautiful takes a ton of work and when you’re in construction mode every single day it’s hard to see the progress. 

Sometimes you have to revisit the before to see what a huge difference you’ve made. Looking back, you can see exactly what you’ve done and who you’ve become as a result. 

Have gratitude for the entire journey, my friends. The adventure is a beautiful one.