Some thoughts on BALANCE.

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I get a little frustrated when people tell me to slow down or take more breaks, firstly, because they don’t know what my daily life looks like “behind the scenes” and secondly, because my preferred speed/pace is probably different than theirs.

Owning a business is kind of like being on a never-ending a roller coaster. (Can I get an amen!?) Sometimes you’re chugging slowly up the hill, other times you’re flying around corners so fast you can’t see straight, and occasionally you coast into the station between rides and get a few moments to catch your breath.

Everyone's approach to work-life balance is different, and I guess that’s sort of the point. The very nature of balance implies constantly evolving and shifting to align with your current circumstances. For example, I’m unmarried with no children. I prefer longer work sprints (yes, that does include nights and weekends), with dedicated time in between to travel and completely check-out. Someone in a different stage of life might need to turn off notifications and shut down work mode for evenings and weekends to spend time with family. Both approaches are totally viable, normal, and great!

The key to maintaining work-life balance? Figure out what works for YOU! Learn to tune in and listen to what your mind and body are telling you. Practice present self-awareness, and I think you will know exactly when to push and when to pause.