About ME

With a background in corporate events, I dove into freelance work after simultaneously breaking up with a long-term boyfriend, quitting my job, voiding my lease, and selling the majority of my belongings in one particularly rash summer. With literally nothing to lose and a heart full of hustle, I founded and grew Alchemy Events into a six figure business that produces national events and employs dozens of contractors.

I have an obvious passion (obsession?) for entrepreneurship and once started 30 businesses in 30 days just for the fun of it. When not dreaming up creative event concepts or drumming up new clients, I enjoy real estate investment and am currently constructing a tiny house in my back yard. I travel as much as I can, am one of those crazy people who love working out, and am constantly employing the excuse of the quest for the best breakfast taco as a reason to explore Austin.

Mostly though, I'm just a girl with a wild heart
And big dreams
Who is learning how to love.