Planning to conquer mountains in Zion National Park.

Planning to conquer mountains in Zion National Park.

Hi. I'm Richelle.

I was born in Washington and raised all over the map, picking up bits of culture and personality as souvenirs along the way. I'm the creative type, refusing to let a good idea escape me, although I often find I have more ideas than I have time.

When I'm not in the office, setting up an event, or enjoying a downtown restaurant I love traveling, cooking, fitness, yoga, crossword puzzles, and new experiences. There isn't a recipe I can't make, a song I don't dance to, or a mountain I won't climb.

The world is my oyster, and I know that it takes hard work to make pearls... and I love pearls.

I Make Things Happen.

I am exceptionally organized and detail-focused with accomplishments in both my work and personal life that prove it. I learn quickly, set goals and priorities, meet deadlines, and balance long to-do lists.

My work experience (which you can read about on my resume) has taught me to prioritize among multiple projects, coordinate between clients and vendors, and organize total chaos. Look between the lines and you'll see that I thrive on making things happen, and making people happy; it is what brings me the most satisfaction in life.