Investing in the Right Job Candidate: A How-to Guide


Hiring is an expensive part of running a business and it’s one you really want to get right the first time around. Here are a few tips you can use when attempting to fill an open position in your company.

  1. Step One: Upon receiving resumes, sift through dozens of poorly-formatted documents, circling relevant buzzwords and highlighting hilarious errors that will tempt you to break any confidentiality requirements to which you may be bound.

  2. Step Two: Distill dozens of years of information, made up numbers, meaningless accolades, and bullshit job titles into hopefully somewhat-accurate personas.

  3. Step Three: Contact “The Lucky Ones” and pray to your grandmother’s grave that they are as interesting and valuable in person as they appear to be on paper.

  4. Step Four: Give Richelle a call, and enjoy an inspiring, productive conversation about goals and growth strategy on a short and long-term basis.

  5. Step Five: After finishing mandatory second-round interviews with alternate candidates to meet company quotas, send offer letter to Richelle, and begin on-boarding process.

How will you know if you have made a great investment? Well, only time will tell, but unlike most fiduciaries I can promise you that past performance absolutely is a guarantee of future results, at least in my case.