January Intention: R H Y T H M by Richelle Ouellette

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The first Monday of 2016 felt like the first day of school. I took my time planning my day and week last night, right down to the outfit I was going to wear, just as I would have before the start of a new semester. I was excited for this morning and woke up at 7am sleepy, be ready to seize the day.

Recently I have been setting a one word intention or goal for each month. My theme for January is rhythm. I like that this word conveys a certain routine, but still has a sou; a melody. Like the waves of the ocean, rhythm is constant, though it varies in tempo and intensity. It carries on. 

My personality is such that it demands a certain amount of structure -- I need a schedule, and I calendar (both digitally and analog) like a fastidious executive assistant. I set myself reminders and alerts, but within my schedule I want to find flow and flexibility. I have made a list of areas I want to focus on daily and have many ideas as to how I can accomplish each:

  • SPIRITUAL/EMOTIONAL: Meditation/yoga/journaling/gratitude
  • INTELLECTUAL: Education (ie. studying language)/reading non-fiction
  • PHYSICAL: Workout/stretch

My hope is that my intention for January will be a chorus through the year as I sing the song of my heart and align it with the song of the universe.

Rules I Will Live By: 2016 by Richelle Ouellette

I like rules, probably more than the average person. I have an obedient personality and tend to trust that laws and regulations are in place for a good reason and that abiding by them will be for my benefit. Perhaps this is tied to my strict religious upbringing, but that's a conversation for my therapist.

The point is, I'm an all-or-nothing kind of girl. I can do a 30-day sugar fast without a problem, but the second you suggest I should reduce my chocolate intake I'm binge eating double fudge ice cream and an entire batch of brownies.

With that in mind, herein follows the Law of Richelle:

  • Meditate often
  • Continue to make my health a priority
  • Say no (when it's right)
  • Be selective about social engagements - who I spend my time with
  • Spend time with friends doing creative, cheap/free activities (ie. not just drinks or dinner)
  • Respond to emails within 24 hours
  • Read non-fiction daily
  • No media on weeknights (parenting myself here)
  • Set a weekly/monthly intention
  • Be kind to myself
  • Write at least one thank you note every week
  • Be grateful
  • Set tech-free time each week

I reserve the right to edit this post as I am confident I will think of more rules I want to live by. These are sort of resolutions, I suppose, but the kind that make it past Jan 5.


2015 Reflections by Richelle Ouellette

she designed a life she loved

About this time last year I lettered these words on my planner. I felt a little schoolgirlish and silly so I would often flip my notebook over in meetings or public to hide my cheesy quote. And yet, almost as if a self-fulfilling prophecy this phrase shaped my year. I took greater risks, opened my heart wider, powered through difficult circumstances, and ultimately gained the confidence to quit my job to pursue a lifelong dream of self-employment and travel. I am still working on the finer details, but this year has been monumental in pushing me towards the direction of my dreams. Here are 15 lessons I learned (or relearned) in 2015 that helped me design a life I love:

• Resist nothing
• The universe is conspiring to help + support you (pronoia)
• Everything in life is fluid
• When you seek greatness, you find greatness
• You are stronger than you think
• Action will set you free
• Speak your truth, even when it hurts; silence is a sharper pain
• Listen to learn something from everyone
• You must do the thing you think you can not do
• You have to risk the fall in order to fly
• Love conquers fear
• Specific people are put in your path at exactly the moment you need them
• The less you try to control, the more power you have
• Until you learn to accept and love your own imperfections you will never fully love others'
• People, circumstances, and trials in our life serve us for the time that they do, and then they don't; when they're gone, let them go

Thank you to each of you who continue to support me in my journey. I'm looking forward to a new year filled with laughter, discovery, love, and growth.