One of the things I’d like to do this year is to show my work. So… Here’s a peek into my brain + how I think/plan.

A few days ago I was struggling with the frustration that most of my goals for 2019 are financial, which was feeling empty and inauthentic. Money for the sake of money has never made me happy.

When something feels off like that, I start asking questions…

Such as:

  • How might this be different?

  • What if the opposite were true?

  • When this problem is solved, what is different?

  • How would my future self do things differently?

And then I think.


Questions open me up to a free write + brainstorm, which I almost always do on a blank white sheet of paper or a white board so it feels like a DRAFT.

(This allows me to create freely, without judgement and leaves room for any idea — even, and especially the terrible ones — to make it out. Terrible ideas are tossed, but I find that I am able to come to the best conclusions when I at least consider them as options.)

After reframing my goals, what will future Richelle be/think/do differently?

working hearter

Ta-da! A resolution; one that feels more aligned with my values, more purposeful, and more achievable.