Dream so big it scares you.

But then make sure you write it down and do it because a goal not written will remain a dream, but a dream with a plan can become a reality.

Setting massive goals for yourself takes practice. It takes a hell of ton of confidence to say, “I think I can do this” when it’s something you’ve never done before, and therefore have no evidence to suggest that you might be able to achieve it.

I remember the first time I set terrifying goals for myself. Several years ago, shortly after starting my business I bought a black posterboard and metallic sharpies and filled up the 18x24” sheet with my goals for the next few years. Among them, I set an annual revenue goal of $100k in 2016, and then $200k the year to follow. At the time, it seemed almost laughable to think that either was possible. I had most recently been working at a university earning $3,166 a month for a whopping annual salary of $37,600. Who was I to think I could nearly triple that with no real business experience and zero clients on the books?

On paper, I wasn’t qualified because it wasn’t something I had ever done before. However, after a year of hustling and learning how to asking the right questions and asking for help, I sat in the lobby of a local hotel totaling my contracts for the year. After hitting ‘enter’ on my =SUM(A2:A13) to get the column total, I began crying. The previous twelve months had been full of hope and full of stress, and every ounce of sweat had apparently culminated to create my new salary: $92,000. Sure, I hadn’t quite reached my $100k goal, but I could barely believe I had come that close.

The following year when I doubled that number again, I figured there had to be something to this posterboard full of goals on my wall.

So how do you set big hairy scary goals for yourself?

Step One: Think about the things you want; the greatest life you can imagine for yourself.

Step Two: Write it down (preferably somewhere you will see it regularly).

Do you want to make a million dollars next year? Take an extended trip to to southeast Asia with your partner? Quit your job and build a business?

Put it to paper, and commit to believing that it just might be possible. What’s the worst that can happen?

Oh, you’re worried you might not make it?

Guess what? I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you might not. Especially with that attitude. And in fact, if you are achieving 100% of your dreams 100% of the time, you’re not setting them high enough.

But who cares if you hit the massive goal or not?! Shoot for the moon and you’ll probably land among the stars.

Can you at least try to believe that they might be possible?

Don’t think about hitting your goal like a pass/fail opportunity that means you’re going to flunk out of college. Consider what your worst-case scenario might look like… instead of making a million you bring home a cool $200k? Instead of a six month trip to Asia, you only end up being able to go for three months? Didn’t end up quitting your job, but ended up with a promotion instead?

Sounds terrible.

Dream bigger. Set massive, “impossible” goals for your life and you just might surprise yourself with what you are able to accomplish.

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