I’m late to the game sharing, but I actually had my ‘word of the year’ (trend alert) embossed on my 2019 planner in November so I’d be ready.

This year I’m focusing on being FIERCE.

I’m not interested in being fearless. I’m no longer worried about being too much. I will not tolerate mediocrity or living a life of duty instead of the life of my dreams.

I want to lean into my big goals more fiercely than ever before.

I have set myself up to face a lot of new challenges this year and while it’s already making me uncomfortable in many ways, I’m also wildly excited to push my comfort zone and experience the growth that comes from leaning into uncertainty. If there’s one skill I’d like to refine, it is the ability to feel discomfort and act anyway, with a heartfelt and powerful intensity.

Fierceness is the combination of a positive mental spirit, bold words, and unapologetic actions used collectively — and that’s exactly what I have in mind for the next twelve months, and beyond.