kasbah du toubkal morocco

I wake before sunrise to the tinny echo of the Islam call to prayer dancing through the mountains and valley. I wonder from where exactly this broadcast comes and who will obediently respond to the reminder at this hour. Though I do not understand the words of the invocation my body complies and follows the invitation to pray.

Stepping out of bed, I remember the floors are heated, serving not only as a luxurious comfort in the crisp early spring, but also immediately grounding me, sending warmth through my entire body, reminding me of the gentle nourishment and strong support the earth beneath me constantly provides. 

This place is tucked deep into the seams of the Atlas Mountains, its restored ruins sit in the shadow of Toubkal - the highest peak in the region. She stands firm, still snow-capped and starting to turn golden with the light of dawn.

This very image has been a recurring dream of mine; one I have seen daily thanks to the picture I ripped out of a magazine two years ago and taped on the inside of my closet door among the notes and quotes and goals that regularly inspire me. 

‘What a lovely place to go,’ I thought to myself as I carefully handled the glossy page.


There is a wooden banner at the top of the terrace that reads ‘Dreams are only plans of the reasonable.’ Reaching the height of the hill feels like an accomplishment much more grand than the short hike to the gate. It represents everything I have done and become in the past two years and as I step through the palatial walnut door my entire body is filled with joy. My dream has become a reality; fueled by opportunity and persistence it has been realized much sooner than I ever imagined possible. I pause with deep gratitude for the many things that have made it possible for me to come here: the systems, the stress, the people and partnerships, trust... and years of practicing following my heart instead of listening to the fears that shout inside and around me. Each success - at first a fleeing idea - becomes a wish, and turns into a goal, then a plan with a set of action items; a list of alchemic instructions which when followed carefully transforms a vision into reality. 

When you desire something with all your heart, the universe conspires to help you achieve it. 

The formula is simple: Love fully, live fully, and when you find your life’s purpose - the dream that lights a raging fire in your soul - have the courage to follow your heart and it will take you to places you never thought possible, and beyond. 

kasbah morocco
morocco terrace
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