Failure and perfection are not your only two options. 
They are not two ends of a spectrum with a gaping black hole that traps you in outer darkness if you fall somewhere in between.
They are not two sides of a coin you can use to barter a specific outcome
Or negotiate your future.
Achieving (the illusion) perfection does not guarantee you will not fail
Because the opposite of failure is not perfect.

The opposite of failure is doing.
Success is found in the endless space
Amidst the action
And the mistakes
And the flaws
That make you magic.

It's found in the starting over
And the letting go.
Success is in the trial and error
And roughness
Of falling down and getting back up again.

Failure is trying to be perfect
When the only thing you can be perfectly is yourself,
Which you already are.

Don't let the fear of imperfection stop you.
You can fail and still be perfect.
And imperfect as you feel, you can still succeed.