I posted a bunch of before and after photos of the guest house recently, and everyone gets excited about how amazing the result looks. I agree, but I wonder, if I only post evidence of the bookends do they consider the middle?

Before and after is fun, but during is when it counts...

austin house renovation

During is when you’re in the ring beaten and bruised and worn down and feeling stuck.

During is tears on the concrete floor and overwhelm that leads to paralysis.

During is sleepless nights and long days.

During is making decisions when you can barely remember to feed yourself.

During is worrying how you are going to afford all this.

During is wondering if you are making a big mistake.

During is being frustrated, confused, unsure.

During is feeling unmotivated and pushing to keep moving.

Wherever you are in your process, just keep going.

The after will come, but only if you endure.