For the third year in a row, I’m heading into isolation to perform what I call an Annual Audit. The weekend after Thanksgiving consistently feels like the perfect time to reflect, express gratitude, take accountability for the current year, and set goals and plans for the year to come.

Each year as I’ve done this, I have watched myself accomplish my goals at a rapid pace, which quite frankly continues to blow my mind. I believe in the power of gratitude and appreciating the present while simultaneously pursuing a better future. Making decisions about the life you want to create for yourself and then fiercely forging ahead with massive action is the only way I know how to be successful, but it’s working.

I will post a more detailed follow up of how the session ends up, but to give you some insight into how this process works for me, here’s how the next few days will go.

Phase One: Inventory & Gratitude - Looking at the past year, I take an inventory of how things have played out. Where am I now in comparison to the goals I set for myself last year? How are my relationships? Where am I spending energy? What do my finances & investments look like? What new things did I try? Where did I travel? What are the things I would like to have done differently? What did I learn about myself this year? I scan my calendar, planner, Instagram, and journals to capture a snapshot of my year and create a summary of how my life went.

Then, using the data collected I take time to write thank you notes to the people that contributed to my year — good and bad. This includes employees, friends, family, people I’ve dated, and anyone who played an important role in my 2017. Starting with gratitude for what I currently have sets a positive tone as I ask for more, bigger, and better.

Phase Two: Create a Personal Plan - Dividing my life into categories I imagine the best possible life in each arena and write it down in present tense. Since I am truly satisfied with just about every part of my life, I ask myself questions like “How can it get any greater than this?”, “What do I desire in 2019 knowing ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE?”, “What kind of person do I want to become next year?”, and “What would I be thinking, feeling, and doing if I was already that person?”

FYI, the categories are: Business/Career, Finances, Relationships + Sex, Community, Spirituality, Personal Development, Home, Health + Fitness, Recreation + Fun, and Self Care.

Phase Three: Create a Business Plan - There are some big changes coming in my business and career this year, so I’ll be spending a full day brainstorming and planning ways to take action and get the results I want. Among the questions I’ll be asking, the big one is: “How do I continue to provide value for my clients?” This includes current and future clients of Alchemy Events as well as new business ventures I’m pursuing.

I’m beyond thrilled to explore new opportunities this coming year and can’t wait to announce what’s ahead! Stay tuned.