The Beyonce Survey

There's this bold thing I've been wanting to do for a while, and it's solicit feedback from my clients and peers. Since I don't have a team working around me, or a boss per se, I have to create opportunities for performance reviews and open myself up to the responses I receive. Yikes.

For a while, my excuse for delaying was that I had seen a template in a book I read sometime last year, and I wanted to use that, but I could never remember which book it was from and no amount of googling seemed to provide a template I could copy.

I finally found the courage to pull something original together and last night I sent out the following email to 47 family members, friends, and clients:


Hope you are well. If you are receiving this email, you are someone I consider an important person in my life, and your opinion is one I value. If it's been a while since we spoke, let's please catch up. <3

I have a favor to ask, but first an explanation:

I learn many great tips from TED talks and a recent one on getting better at the things we care about resonated deeply. It was Beyonce that grabbed my attention, naturally. Most of the people I know revere her, and we're quick to quote "woke up like this," but in his talk, Eduardo Briceño points out it might be more than flawless genes. Every night following a performance, she watches a video of the show that just ended, identifies opportunities for improvement, and then makes adjustments for herself and her team before the next show. No wonder she is a perfect being.

beyonce flawless

This process deeply impresses me. And since I, too, hope to produce wildly successful smash hits, become a queen, run the world, and improve myself (or at least the latter), I would love it if you would be willing to take two minutes to answer this brief survey to help me get there. [link]

You can do it anonymously, or feel free to use your name if what you are sharing requires context.

And please, please be brutally honest. If you can't think of anything critical to say, I'm flattered, but think harder. I genuinely want to know which behaviors (strengths and weaknesses) I should focus on improving.

Much love, humility & fierceness,

The link to the survey asks the following questions:

  1. What is one thing you've seen me do this year that impressed you? I'm open to all answers, but particularly interested in a positive change I might have made. Full disclosure: This question is 100% first to pad my ego before I read all the things I need to work on. :)
  2. Which 1-3 words would you use to describe me to others?
  3. What would you identify as (one of) my greatest strength(s)?
  4. What is a skill, behavior, or habit of mine that could use attention and/or improvement? If possible, please provide a specific example.
  5. How can I be a better friend, family member, colleague, mentor/mentee, client, or vendor to you (& your business)?
  6. Any additional advice you'd like to share to help me achieve increased success?

I haven't checked the results yet, but I'm bracing myself for Radical Candor and ready for a harsh look in the mirror and some heavy duty self improvement.